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USMC History Division

Marine Corps History Division
Marine Corps University, Quantico, VA

Mission Statement

History Division’s (HD) primary task is to research and write the Marine Corps’ official history. HD also provides reference and research assistance; preserves personal experiences and observations through oral history interviews; and deploys field historians to record history in the making.

HD is organized into four branches:

1. Historical Branch (HDH) Prepares a wide variety of official publications that tell the Marine Corps story as accurately and comprehensively as possible. Publications include: articles, monographs, occasional papers, and definitive histories. The Branch also includes the Oral History Section, which obtains, catalogs, transcribes, and preserves personal narrative, experiences and observations of historic value from active duty and retired Marines for use as reference source material.

2. Historical Reference Branch (HDR) Provides historical research and reference services and historical analysis. In addition, the Branch supports specific programs: Unit Lineage and Honors, Commemorative Naming, Marine Corps Flag Manual, and Marine Corps Chronology.

3. Field History Branch (HDF) Deploys Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) Detachment historians to collect historically relevant material (oral history, written/electronic plans, operation orders, maps, overlays and artifacts) for use as reference material. The Branch also consists of a Mobilization Training Unit (MTU) whose members support HD with specific projects.

4. Editing and Design (HDE) Designs and lays out manuscripts, maps and other graphic materials to support HD’s publications.


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