Why All The E-mail Lies This Election?

Some of my friends are Republicans.
Some are Democrats…so surely they have some juicy lies to spread. Why don’t they???
Why I am NOT getting dozens of e-mail lies about John McCain?? Why only Obama?
Makes me wonder…, are the Republicans so afraid of Obama that they have to create lies.
If I believe all my email:Barack Hussein Obama is a muslin (don’t forget that middle name!)
Not an a American citizen
Is somehow connected to corruption in Keyna
Will not pledge allegiance
Doesn’t wear a lapel pin because he’s a communist
Doesn’t put his hand over his heart when “God Bless America” or nation anthem is sung
His mother is a left wing social activist
He is a member if the SDS Weathermen from the 60′s (according to some, they are still haveing secret meetings!)
His campaign is being funded by: (Take your Pick) the Blank Panthers, Hugo Chavez or “Mysterious” European investors
Not only that: He painted over an American flag on his plane because he’s un-American
Refuses to show his birth certificate because of damaging info
Has been endorsed by the KKK (?!)
Blew off American soldiers during a visit to Afghanistan
Wears a USMC shirt thus disrespecting American Marines
Is the “Anti-Christ”
Holds phones upside down
Nickname is Walking Eagle
Will be (or has been, depending on the email) sworn in on a Koran
Voted against making English the official language’
voted to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits
Why no lies about John McCain?

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