What Is The Silliest Thing You Did As A Teenager?

My brother just came back from Afghanistan (USMC) and we were recounting the silly things we did as teens? He reminded me of my trip the DQ when I was 14.
This brother(S) and my older sister(M) and her twin(T) talked me in to being being body painted via M&T.
They made a number of attempt in the past but they successful in panting me wearing a T shirt (dusty rose color) and skirt (blue skirt). I was nude except for two small fabric bandaids over my nips and a 4′ square gauze bandage over my biniki line. These were held on by body tape (spray on) and the paint. A small stripe of gauze was placed as the hem of skirt and glued on.
Well, everyone liked the results then S suggested to go to the DQ about 3 blocks away so we all walked to the store — We did not see anyone on the way but I do remember the stares I got from the clerks at the DQ.
Mom picked us up in the van for fear that it would rain.

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