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Where Can I Place My Father’s Usmc/wwll S.pacific Arti ...

APurple Heart from ADM “Bulls” Halsey-field medal hand made knife from my grand father for him a USMC pith Helmet patches/A-1-9 3rd Div/ 9th mar. A sea bag assorted medals.. V-mail–Dress greens uniform–many pix’s and letters from Senator Howlin Heflin his Lt. along with carved bamboo saying Gaudalcanal/native comb from Bougainville and a Beautiful pix of MY father in dress blues along with his brother 3rd div. Navy WWll/ and my grandfather in his WWl Army uniform also 3rd Div great history pix…this all needs a good final resting HOME. thank you all for the help—-Gregory –USAF–(not in the 3rd Div.)


Does Anyone Know What A Joint Meritorious Service Medal Is F ...

I recently got a copy of my DD214 and it is listed as one of the medals I have. I looked on medal charts and it’s not listed. I was in the Marines during the first Gulf War/Desert Storm and was awarded a Joint Meritorious Unit Award however this medal is also listed on my DD 214. I am hoping to mount all my awards and medals and would like to know what this medal is. Wondering if this is supposed to be the Defense Meritorious Service Medal? I did several ops with the Italians, Spaniards, and Israelis during the war. Thanks for reading. Any help is appreciated.


Usmc Good Conduct Medal?

what does fidelity zeal obedience mean… its on the back of the good cookie.. i need to know


What’s On The Back Of A Usmc Good Conduct Medal?

only answer if you know


Usmc Good Conduct Medal Circa 1945?

Hello I would like to know what the USMC Good Conduct Medal would look like for someone that received it around 1945. I understand there is a new version and an older version. I thought the older version is the one that was given out in 1945 because I have seen it called the “World War II Good Conduct Medal” on websites selling replacement medals but I have read that that medal was not given out after 1935, the medal that has the “U.S. Marine Corps.” clasp with the rifle above the medal. Which version was given out around 1945?


How Many Corpsmen Have Won The Medal Of Honor While Attached ...

Unlike all the other BS answers to this question.
I am actually going to give you an actual answser to the question you asked
there have been 23 Corpsmen awarded the Medal of honor
18 of them were attached to Marine Corps units.
Every Corpsmen to be awarded the medal of honor from WW1 to vietnam was attached to Marines
The first member of the Hospital Corps to be awarded the Medal of Honor was Hospital Apprentice Stanley Robert. This was during the Boxer Uprising in China. Prior to World War 1
Hospital Apprentice Robert H. Stanley, USN (Boxer Rebellion)
Hospital Apprentice First Class William Zuiderveld, USN (Veracruz Incursion)
Hospital Apprentice Fred H. McGuire, USN (Philippine Insurrection)
Hospital Steward William S. Shacklette, USN (Boiler Explosion in San Diego)
WW1 2 Medals of Honor were awarded to corpsmen
Pharmacist’s Mate First Class John H. Balch, USN
Hospital Apprentice First Class David E. Hayden, USN
During World War 2. 7 corpsmen were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor
Hospital Apprentice First Class Robert Eugene Bush, USN
Pharmacist’s Mate 2nd Class William D. Halyburton, Jr., USNR
Hospital Apprentice First Class Fred F. Lester, USN
Pharmacist’s Mate First Class Francis J. Pierce, USN
Pharmacist’s Mate Second Class George E. Wahlen, USN
Pharmacist’s Mate Third Class Jack_Williams, USN
Pharmacist’s Mate First Class John H. Willis, USN
During the Korean Conflict 5 Corpsmen were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor
Hospital Corpsman Third Class Edward C. Benfold, USN
Hospital Corpsman Third Class William R. Charette, USN
Hospitalman Richard D. Dewert, USN
Pharmacist’s Mate Second Class William D. Halyburton, Jr., USN
Hospitalman Francis C. Hammond, USN
Hospitalman John E. Kilmer, USN
4 corpsmen earned the Congressional Medal of Honor during vietnam
Hospital Corpsman Second Class Donald E. Ballard, USN
Hospital Corpsman Third Class Wayne M. Caron, USN
Hospital Corpsman Third Class Robert R. Ingram, USN
Hospital Corpsman Second Class David R. Ray, USN


Do All Us Military Ribbons Come With Medals?

I received a total of five ribbons from four years of service with the USMC. I received only one medal accompanied by its matching ribbon. The other four badges/medals (if any) weren’t provided. Is this normal? I was discharged honorably in the 1990′s.


Usmc Ribbons And Medals?

How are they awarded? Is there a ceremony, or do you just find out which ones you are authorized to wear and buy them yourself?


Who Got Two Medals Of Honor Usmc?

dan daily smitly buttler sir
don’t listen to anyone else this is the correct answer damnit!


My Father Is A Usmc Veteran Of The Vietnam War I Have Heard ...

was rewarded with in Vietnam , That he has lost in war , Can some please tell me how this is possible for a Veteran to do?
Thank you for all the help .

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