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Marine Corps Question – “devil Dog”?

During WWII the Germans nicknamed the U.S. Marines “Devil Dogs”… I need the correct spelling of the German translation but found two different spellings online – Teufelhunden or Tueflehunden? I can’t ask my USMC husband… please help!


Remington Model 11?

was the remington model 11 used by the USMC or US Army during WWII?


Boomer Tv Comedy Trivia (last One For The Night): Can You N ...

1. Who is Max Fleischer’s spinach chomping sailor?
2. Name the comedy show starring two divorced men entirely different, and forced to live together?
3. What show had the star as the head writer for a weekly comedy-variety TV show aided by his friends who were his co-writers?
4. What show starred a gas station attendant/mechanic from Mayberry who joined the USMC?
5. What TV show of 1960s was during WWII and antics took place on boat PT 73?
Good night all


Why Is It That When One Poses A Pointed, Negative Question A ...

My Father (rest his soul) was a POW in Germany in WWII. My brother is a veteran and fomer USMC officer and current employee of the Federal Government, I fly the flag and visited Ground Zero when it was a smoking hole in the ground to honor my republican friend Charles Henry Karkzewski who died as the south tower collapsed on 09/11/01. Do not even try to attack my patriotism. The overwhelming right wing response from these sites is outright combative, insulting and quite frankly, all too common and predictable. You all deserve the crap being dished up from these morally reprehensible fools in the current Presidential Regime! I and a growing number of folks from either side of the aisle have had enough of this President and thank the stars that he will not be around much longer. It will take decades to overcome the financial, political, moral and deceitful hole he and his cronies will leave behind along with all the children he “promised” not to leave behind! GO BACK TO CRAWFORD FOREVER!


Want To Join The Us Marines, Need Some Info…?

Ok, well for a while now, about 3-4 years now, I’ve been really considering joining the Marines for my career when I graduate out of high school. I think it would be a good experience for me and when I get even older, and help me become a better person. I’m also, not all to interested in getting a regular job sitting in an office all day, not fun sounding.
I want the experience, and be able to proudly say I served my time in the United States Marines. I want to help other countries, and their kids get a better lifestyle. I see these pictures of soldiers giving kids stuff and helping them, and to me, it’s touching.
I know my grandpa served in the USMC during WWII and fought in Iwo Jima. He died in 1996, so I was still really young then (I’m a sophomore in HS now). I would ask him for advice and what it was like to be in the Marines, but since he passed away I can’t.
So, to you guys who are in the Marines, what’s life like in the Marines, tell me what it’s like…


Where Can I Find This Photo Of Two United States Marines Wal ...

I don’t know if it is from vietnam or WWII, but its a picture with two marines walking down a street holding an American flag, I really want this find this picture.
Here this might help its a USMC commercial on
watch?v=cSVf-nnkhFs its the two Marines at 0:57


Having Lost The Ability To Think Critically, Do Liberals Mer ...

Last weekend, I attended “Spearhead”, a regional gathering of 1/16 scale RC tank enthusiasts. While there, we showed off our latest creations, talked about the newest RC “goodies”, and staged an engagement between “Blue Force” and “OPFOR” which was open to the public.
Since my grandfather serves as a tank mechanic in the Pacific during World War II, it should come as no surprise that I joined the WWII wing of the club and have constructed several of the USMC vehicles which my Grandfather once repaired, including an M4 Sherman, DUKW, LVT(A)4, and am currently attempting to build an M4A3R3 “Zippo”.
However, since we engage in mock “combat” (in which we shoot infrared laser beams from the various “weapons” on out vehicles and disable those vehicles we hit) we need to also construct some models to serve in OPFOR.


Don’t Democrats Even Care About The Military Men And W ...

I am reading Chesty, a biography of Lewis Puller, famed USMC General of WWII and Korea. He and his men were disgusted over Harry Truman’s handling of the war. They felt that the US did NOT want to win the war. (Sound familiar?)
Their resolve, their dedication, and their morale were severely damaged by Democrat’s politicizing the war, could it be any different now?
Of course, the same thing happened in Vietnam. Are Democrats so callous and cold as to conduct themselves in a manner that clearly damages our military men and women? How many Soldiers and Marines have to die so Democrats can win a seat or two in Congress?


Do You Consider George Bush To Be A Good Commander In Chief?

I served in the Army honorably from ’84 to ’87. I never thought of my service as just a “job” or getting a paycheck. I was extremely patriotic. Reagan was president and I remember when we bombed Kadafi in Libya. I was never afraid to go to war because I knew Reagan was willing to use high-tech bombs to defeat the enemy. Bush, on the other hand, seems to be content with throwing human bodies in front of bullets. With the most high-tech weapons on Earth, I don’t feel that he is a ground-level foot sodiers commander in chief. Instead, he is a do-nothing executive type. Where is Ike when we need him? If Bush were president during WWII we would be speaking German now. And why isn’t he defending the USMC soldiers who are being charged with firing too many bullets at the enemy? He should stand up and be a true Commander In Chief!!!!!


Usmc: Do You Think I Should Enlist Or Go For Ocs?

OK, here is my background: I’m currently a senior at Boston College. I have always been interested in joining the military because my father was an ROK Marine and my grandfather was part of the resistance movement during WWII. I was unable to join Army ROTC because of my weight problem freshman year, but I have lost 50 pounds since then.
I am wondering if I would go in as an E-1 if I were to enlist.. I have heard that some college grads can enlist as E-2 or even E-3 because of their education.
For former members of the military, what do you think, should I enlist or go for an officer training program?

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