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U.s. Marine Families: Trusted Web Sites To Send Gifts To Ir ...

I’ve been sending hand packaged care-packages to a family member (USMC) serving in Iraq. I was hoping to get some recommendation for trusted web sites where I can select items and the company will package and ship them. I tried Amazon, but the FPO AP address wasn’t working and it just about drove me nuts. Can anyone help? Thanks, and God bless.


I Am A Filipino, And I Wish To Be An Officer In The Usmc, Is ...

A year ago when i was 16, I have decided to join the USMC, i have seen these people worked in times of peace and war and these guys give me a reason or something to fight for, not just becasue they have cool guns and equipments but the decisions they make to safeguard the lives of other people especially what they are doing in Iraq right now and i know being an officer i am entitiled to make decisions that could save more lives and avoid collateral damages, and that’s the reason why i like to be an officer in the corps… Is there chances that i could be an officer? i am a filipino, i was born here in RP, and i am planning to go to US after i graduated from my nursing school here…
Tanx, God bless.. :)


Im A Usmc Veteran And No One Wanted To Hire Me?

I was in the USMC and did 2 tours in Iraq did that whole thing. Anyways after I got out I applied to about 20 jobs. Im talking about everything from McDonalds because no one was hiring and I got pissed off to more high paying jobs. No one wanted to hire me and im talking I was up against Teenagers and they still got hired over me. It took me about 3 months to finally get some one to hire me. Whats was going on?


Iraq War Kia Questions?

why are most of the usmc killed in action in iraq dated during the heaviest fighting such as the battles for Fallujah.?..most usmc deaths always come from the times when the most heaviest fighting occurred…you have periods where several months go by without a usmc kia..
and before you ask me for my sources i have read the list of kia’s and i matched up dates..the more heavier battles resulted in the more usmc deaths..this is what im asking.
why is this.? is it just bad luck or what? thanks


How Long Doest It Take To Send And Recive A Letter Snail Mai ...

I have a friend in the USMC and I haven’t heard from him in over a month and I have sent him 3 letters within that month and I’m really starting to get worried, HELP!?!


What Is It Like For Our Us Troops Fighting In Iraq?

If you have fought in iraq or are, what are some situations you’ve been in, in Iraq? What is day to day life like? Are you glad you went? I’m joining the USMC soon… just curious. Oh, and just out of curiosity if you are currently in the military who would you like to be the next president(why)? Thanks…. I completely support our troops. semper fi


Back From Iraq?

I just got back from iraq, usmc. I have never got such a slap in the face the moment i came back! what is with u ppl. I come back and the only thing ppl are worried about is when we r going to leave instead of finishing a job. does that make any sense? and u protesters who protest the war yet have the nerve to say u support us (me)!!!!! f*** you! dont support me when u dont support what im doing. Why do u ppl (not all) act so disrespectful?


Marine Corps Fiance In Iraq…?

I am engaged to LCPL Wynn of the USMC. He was just deployed to Iraq in January. I am planning a wedding and starting to collect things for our appartment. Our 1st apartment will be off-base @ camp pendleton, CALI. I need some major help. I need to figure out how much our housing allowance will be, along with USMC regs. on moving our stuff up there (we currently reside in dallas tx). Any help and anything extra you think I need to know as a new wife of a marine will be GREATLY APPRECIATED! thanks so much!


How Do Deployments Work In The Usmc?

Just wondering because my sister might deploy sometime next year. She is in a reserve unit and is a combat photographer, will she be with the rest of her unit even though she is the only combat photographer there? About how long will she be in Iraq? Her reserve unit has MP’s will she temporarily work as an MP instead of combat photography? I know i should ask my sister but i’d like to know what to expect so i don’t freak out about it when she tells me.


What Factors Or Circumstances Allow A Non-citizen To Join Th ...

Sgt. Rafael Peralta, American Hero
On Tuesday, Nov. 15, Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta, a former Mexican national who was granted citizenship after joining the military, was on a brief mission as platoon scout in Fallujah, Iraq. He came across a Marine first assult team, about to secure a suspected insurgent house.
How do aliens get into the US Armed Services?

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