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Can Someone Tell Me How I Can Adopt A Soldier?

If anyone knows how I can go about adopting a soldier, or has adopted a solider already, can you please tell me how you did it???


How Do I Adopt A Particular Soldier?

Theres a kid from town here in the Army. His family said hes stationed in Iraq but they havent heard from him since last Thanksgiving when he was home for 3 days. How do i go about finding where exactly he is at and all his information. Ive never been in the military so i dont know what to ask. I want to adopt him but i dont know where to send a care package so that he will receive it . Also does anyone know where i can find a list of items the soldiers really need? Thanks!


How Can I Adopt A Soldier?

I wanted to enlist but I was DQed for a beesting allergy. I want to help them and show I care, even though I think what the american government is doing is wrong. I want to adopt a soldier


Is The Adopt A Soldier Program Legit?

I want to adopt a soldier and send care packages and letters but I dont want to give credit card information. Whats the best one for this ?


Looking To Adopt A Soldier/ Where Do I Start?

My family and i would like to have a personal soldier we can adopt & send fun packages to, where is a good place to find one and or legit web sites to do this & ind some names etc?


How Do I Adopt a Soldier?

I want to adopt a soldier who I can send a letter and/or care packages too. I am 12 years oldand I want to do it.


How Can I ‘adopt’ A British Soldier In Iraq Or A ...

Its easy to find websites for adopting american soldiers but I want to adopt a British soldier. Both of my brothers and my sister have apent time in Iraq and Afghanistan and I just want to show my support and let them know that they are not forgotten. Any help would be appreciated, thanks x


Can Someone Recommend An Organization Where I Can Adopt A So ...

I was looking for some organization or group that would allow me to adopt a soldier for Christmas. I would like to send over some junk food, magazines, cards, socks, toiletries, etc, and maybe a letter thanking them too. Can someone recommend a good organization.


Addresses For Soldier In Iraq For A 6th Grade Class To Adopt ...

My daughter’s class wants to adopt some soldier’s. They would prefer to adopt soldiers who don’t have family or at least limited family to send them things. They want all of our soldiers to know they are loved and appreciated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

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