Please Help! Dilemma About Dli/linguist Mos’s In The U ...

Ok. So I’m desperate to be a translator, or in any linguistic MOS, in the Marine Corps. Only thing is you don’t get to choose your language–and I really want to deploy to Afghanistan, thus I don’t wanna get Chinese or Japanese or something. I don’t even want Korean. I want Farsi, Dari/Persian or Pashto. So I don’t know, should I take the time to maybe get myself a little fluent before hand in order to take a proficiency test and guarantee my continuation of the (Afghan) language (the problem with this is I really want to enlist right away-I’m 17 almost 18-, and it would probably take me a year, maybe a little less to learn, to some degree, a foreign language)–or should I just take the plunge, take the DLAB and hope for the best? Any experience/advice would be great, cuz this one’s eating at me. Thanks guys.

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