Are The Marines ‘first To Fight’?

A Marine recently insisted that the USMC “are the 1st to go an fight and have been throughout American history”
I’m curious, where is my history of ‘firsts’ wrong:
Current Iraq War – Army 3rd, 82nd & 101st IDs invade at same time as 1st MD.
First Iraq War – Army 82nd ID has DRF in Saudi first.
Panama – Army 5th, 7th & 82nd IDs invade with some Marines.
Grenada – Army 24th & 82nd IDs invade with some Marines.
Vietnam – Army conducts operations in RVN from 1961, Marines after the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964.
Korea – Army 24th ID’ (TF Smith).
World War II – Army in Philippines, Marines in Guam, Navy in Hawaii attacked simultaneously.
World War I – Army 1st ID in October 1917.
(For the sake of space, I’ve left out units < division and single service conflicts, like the Marines in Lebanon or the Army in Mogadishu.)
The claim that Marines are the 'first to fight' is frequent and said in a literal way in this forum. Can anyone support it with facts?

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