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U.s. Marine Families: Trusted Web Sites To Send Gifts To Ir ...

I’ve been sending hand packaged care-packages to a family member (USMC) serving in Iraq. I was hoping to get some recommendation for trusted web sites where I can select items and the company will package and ship them. I tried Amazon, but the FPO AP address wasn’t working and it just about drove me nuts. Can anyone help? Thanks, and God bless.


I Got A Job Appointment Letter From Saderland Recruitments A ...

Is Sanderland Recruitment a genuine agency and whether any such vacancy really exists in Farms UK and Marine Farms.
I was advised by Mr.Jackson Ben of the Recruitment agency to contact Mr. Smith Frank email traveling@diplomats,com for processing of my work/residence permit for UK. The said travel agency has asked for 750 pounds as the processing fee with an assurance of completion within 72 hours. The recruitment advestisment for the vacancy had come on my mail as undisclosed recepient from the recruitment agency i.e. Sanderland and I had applied online after which directly Confirmation of Appointment was sent to me with directives regarding getting the formalities completed as mentioned above. My question is regarding the Genuinty of the above three agencies viz; UK FARM AND UK MARINE, SANDERLAND RECRUIMENT AGENCY(Dr.Jackson Ben) and the travel agency id(no address beyond the e mail id) which has send me the Application form of UK visas.


Sraw Missile Demonstration


My Father Otis Newton Humphreys Jr. Wwii Marine Fighter Pilo ...

USMC 1943 GUAM Is.


I Am A Filipino, And I Wish To Be An Officer In The Usmc, Is ...

A year ago when i was 16, I have decided to join the USMC, i have seen these people worked in times of peace and war and these guys give me a reason or something to fight for, not just becasue they have cool guns and equipments but the decisions they make to safeguard the lives of other people especially what they are doing in Iraq right now and i know being an officer i am entitiled to make decisions that could save more lives and avoid collateral damages, and that’s the reason why i like to be an officer in the corps… Is there chances that i could be an officer? i am a filipino, i was born here in RP, and i am planning to go to US after i graduated from my nursing school here…
Tanx, God bless.. :)


Marine Corp.?

Hello folks,Im a 48 year old man with 2 kids. Here is my question: I tried to enlist in the Marine Corp. because they are the best.They laughed at me at the recruitment office and sent me packing. However the Army did say they would consider me,no promises. Does anybody know of any tricks,or loopholes that will get me in the Corp.????? I know Im an old man but Im in shape and want to fight for my country..I want to be a Marine!!!!!


Human Weapon 01×08 Marine Corps Martial Arts (3)


What Are Some Good Songs For A Military Slide Show?

I’m making a slide show of pictures for a family get together because my cousin is leaving for Iraq soon. I’m not really sure of any good songs for that. Any ideas would be very appreciative.


Us Marines Huge Firefight Iraq 2009


A Tribute To Marine Corps History – From The Pacific T ...

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