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I Have A Fiance In The Usmc And He Is In Iraq Right Now,how ...

i am so in love with him and i cant wait till he comes home because we are getting married.but i just need some ideas about how to not worry so much becasue i worry alot.i want him to come home to me safe but until he can i need to know how to deal with him being gone.he is so far away from me and it is braking my heart,i write him and i talk to him but he tells me he will call me a serten time and when he doesnt call i get worried like something might have happend.i really hope someone can help me.


Why Do Some Usmc Units Have The M4a3 Rifle As Their Main Wea ...

I know Sgt. above and all officers carry the M4a3 but in Afghanistan right now I believe most of the marine units have the M4 instead of the M16, why is that? Is it simply different SOPs?


Test At Marines Recruitment Center?

hey so i went to a marines recruit center and took some test on their pc…i got a 75…is that good?? he told me its not a percentage and that i did good…about how much would it be in percentage? thanx!


When Marines Become Bored During Mojave Viper Training 2/7


Military Service??????????? Mainly Usmc?

i plan joing the marines in about a year and 6 months or so. give or take a few months, depends on graduation.
#1: can you do online college or go through college at all during active duty?
#2: after the 90 days in recruit training, to you get ship to Afghanistan, or japan, or were?
#3: what is the minimum amount of time do you have to sign on for active duty? 1 year 2 years etc?
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also if you first go somewhere to learn your job, how long do you spend there until you shipped into combat? or will you even be put in combat?
33 minutes ago
also im in school now, im gonna be attending WYA, which is somthing you probly never herd of, its high school/bootcamp/boarding school. its just to get highschool credits but also if your like me you will get high points or a higher rank in the service. also TECH PREP. its college credits in highschool. does it also rais your pay and rank for the more college credits you get?
p.s. WYA is just the washington one. its in 33 other states. 2 years of school in 5 months, check it out
15 minutes ago
thanks for answers, so four years stationed, do you get to go home for any vacation?
this is a copy of my 1st post. i need more answers but every one is going for the top questions so im makeing it the top. haha


What’s On The Back Of A Usmc Good Conduct Medal?

only answer if you know


Do You Think Iraq Would Have Gone Differently If Their Was M ...

The USMC has to follow the exact same rules as any other how would they of made a difference.?


Why Are Those Who Do Not Suppor The War Labeled As Those Who ...

Do not give me the BS of I do not support our troops considering I did my time USMC 2001 to 2006. I do not support the invasion into Iraq because last time I checked they did not have anything to do with 9/11. I do support the war I fought in in Afghanistan. I love this country, but I do not support some of its policies.


Marine Recruiter Email?

I have some questions about becoming a Marine, and I’d like to talk to a Marine Recruitment Officer through email. I’ve found a few websites that require your phone number, but I’d rather not have them calling my house. Does anyone have an email I can use to contact one?


Weapons 2nd Platoon Task Force 3/8

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