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I Am An Iraq War Veteran (usmc) In A Wheelchair, Last Night ...

I am paralyzed waist down. He spit right in my face and yelled murderer. He was a young guy in his 20s.
I was so pissed last night, I wanted to kill him. I cooled off this morning
Why did this happen to me? Do you know of any other iraq vets this happened to or am i the only one


I”m Looking For Marine Recruitment In Europe.?

I”m looking for job ( AB ) on the ships.


How Do The Usmc Really Feel About Army Grunts?

Mass respect to the USMC, my grandfather retired 1949-1969. Korean war vet…unfortunately, because of my criminal idiocy, they don’t want me. But, the army does. Anyhow, what do they think of all the grunts in Iraq/Afghanistan right now?


How Can I Adopt A Soldier?

I wanted to enlist but I was DQed for a beesting allergy. I want to help them and show I care, even though I think what the american government is doing is wrong. I want to adopt a soldier


Usmc Infantry Weapons?

I will be in the Marines as an officer in 4 yrs, and I just wanted to know if we will still be using the 5.56mm in infantry rifles and SAWs. I know that the round is very lethal above 2,700fps due to fragmentation, but doent transfer enough energy. I hear mixed things about finding new rounds but also hear about the IAR project for 5.56mm.


Is The Adopt A Soldier Program Legit?

I want to adopt a soldier and send care packages and letters but I dont want to give credit card information. Whats the best one for this ?


I Am Looking For An Original Usmc Wwii Ka-bar. I Am Also Loo ...

My fiancee was a Marine Corp Raider and served overseas in 2002 and he had a Marine Corp Raider ring, but misplaced it somewhere, I would love to get him a replacement one for a wedding gift but am unable to find one. I am also looking for an original WWII KA-BAR not a replica, I really want to give him something special and I know he would truely love either of these. If anyone could help I would greatfully appreciate it. I know my chances of finding either of these is going to be hard but it is worth the search.


Usmc Ribbons And Medals?

How are they awarded? Is there a ceremony, or do you just find out which ones you are authorized to wear and buy them yourself?


Why Does 3 Doors Down Make Military Songs Just To Try And Se ...

It seems every cd they have they have some military song just to try and make people go “Oh how patriotic” and buy there music. lame


Looking To Adopt A Soldier/ Where Do I Start?

My family and i would like to have a personal soldier we can adopt & send fun packages to, where is a good place to find one and or legit web sites to do this & ind some names etc?

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